Website Traffic & Data Harvest – Understand Your Audience

Hotel Digital Academy Webinar – Website Traffic & Data Harvest  Understand Your Audience

Information provided by website visitors is the most powerful marketing resource available. Contact details are the penultimate goal, as they allow us to market to a potential guest long after they leave your website. 


On the agenda is:

  • Knowing your audience 
  • Consistently cleaning your data
  • Segmenting databases for the best results
  • Re-marketing too, and continually engaging with, website visitors

Avvio is delighted to partner with For-Sight for this webinar, due to their renown at unlocking the guest journey. Their innovative CRM and Marketing suite helps many hospitality businesses increase direct revenue and their encouragement of guest engagement through personalisation, aligns closely with the Avvio ethos.

However, the tips imparted are applicable for any hotel – regardless of their digital service or CRM provider.


This session was held on Thursday 28th January. The content was delivered by Daragh Murphy, Digital Strategy Manager, and guest speaker Jamie McBride, Head of Marketing for For-Sight. Hosted by Avvio Director of Digital Ian Sloan.


Start Time

12:00 pm

January 28, 2021

Finish Time

12:45 pm

January 28, 2021


UK / Ireland

Event Participants

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