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Academy content

Yes. We have provided guidance for you but if you want to be a Maverick then feel free to go for it! Our Digital Coaches are ready to help with questions if you want to use the chat feature at the bottom right of the screen.
We will run two coaching sessions per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm GMT. We will invite all of our students onto these sessions and our digital coaches will guide you through a specific topic - e.g. Google Analytics - before you then go on to take the learning module.
A learning module is a self-guided piece of learning that we will ask you to complete after you have attended a coaching session. Some times these modules will link out to existing training if it already exists - for example a module on Google Analytics.
No. We will start with digital marketing outside of China, but this will go on our roadmap for future content

Support options

Yes. We have a team of digital experts who can answer your questions Send your questions to
Our team of digital experts are online and available on chat if you want to get a quick answer to you questions. Use the chat box at the bottom right of the screen.
Support will be available - via email and chat - during normal UK office hours (9-5)
Unfortunately not. 100's of people (just like you) have registered to learn so we will have to run one-to-many coaching sessions. You will, however, be able to ask any question you have via the chat functionality (bottom right of your screen) and get an answer from one of our digital experts.

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